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I have a loan with Heights. I'm pissed about how you can charge a late fee to a responsible borrower just 10 days past it's due date.

The majority of loan companies don't charge a late fee until at least 30 days. I am retired and receive my check on the fourth Wed. of each month. So, it seems to me that your "CORPERATION"' is going to take $18.50 a month from a person on a fixed income pays his bills on time.

My big question is why you charge a late fee only 10 days after the due date? I took my brother to get a loan some time ago. I will never recommend your company to anyone again. Your business doesn't even lower interest rates on people who come back and haven't missed a payment.

which I think is bullcrap. Why would anyone come back. Good people pay on time and you don't recognize this. My local office says this your rules.

There should be acceptions for ons who do pay. I guess that's why I see all the people on court dockets in my town. You've got to give a little. I can't help but think greed will run your business instead of maybe a little gratitude to the little people who use your business.

I don't have to support my claim. Read your on rules.

My local office is in Valparaiso, In. All I need is a due date change and your people refuse to work with me again on this issue.

Review about: Heights Finance Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Your late fee rules.

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I can tell you for being a customer for sometime that this company will hound you even in your grace period. I have never missed a payment either on time or in the grace period.

This gets pretty bad when they are calling you 1 to 3 times a day. This is plain harassment and it needs to stop.

I can understand if you were past you grace period. I just think they should not being calling a day after your due date.

Janesville, Wisconsin, United States #1343824

When you signed your contract, you agreed to this policy. A 10-day grace period is not only more common than you seem to believe, but it is fair.

Technically, the day after your due date is late. Count your blessings and learn to budget. If you are retired and still haven't learned to budget, what were you doing with your money before? If you can't budget, you have no business taking out a loan.

You ESPECIALLY have no business taking out a loan and then complaining that you're being charged the interest rate YOU AGREED TO!!!! People like you give "CORPERATIONS" (it's spelled corporations, by the way) b.s.

reviews and are a waste of time for those of us looking for legitimate reviews. Can I collect interest on the time I wasted with this?I'm a vacation planner, so no, I also do not work for this company.

to Sarah22 #1381057

You're a nasty bitch! Shame on you!

to Betty #1381059

I'm talking to you Sarah! How dare you comment on this woman's circumstances whom you probably don't even know (unless, of course, you work for this loan shark)! Get a life you moron!


They charge a late fee because YOU paid after the due date! That's pretty simple to understand!

Also pretty simple to understand is YOU can eliminate giving YOURSELF a late fee by doing what YOU promised to do in the contract...make all of YOUR payments on time! No, I don't work for them!


Most finance companies charge a late fee after your payment is 10 days late. That's coming from a guy who has 15 years of experience in the industry. You have a due date on your loan for a reason.

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