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I have always went to heghts for a loan never had a problem Terrence trtan is the man very straight forward will take care of you i see a lot of complaints about this company maybe they need to see terrence !!!TERRENCE TRTAN FOR PRESIDENT! !! Add comment

Worst customer service ever!! Very rude employees and completely unprofessional. They lie to you and overcharge for their loans. They are unwilling to work with someone if they fall behind and immediately start harassing you over the phone, then take you to court before you can pay it off so they can charge you more money for late fees and lawyer costs. Worse loan institute ever! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Read more

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We had 3 loans with them all payments on time. Then I got disabled got behind while waiting on disability. Then tried to pay it off the amount of pay off was changed 3 times. every time we had the money they would change amount. Then garnished my wife's wages at 25% of her pay. after it was payed they still reported it to credit bureau as having balance of almost $500.0 they would not change it to 0 balance. Also there lawyers or a bunch of... Read more

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I was sent a live check in the mail. I thought about it for several days before cashing it. Since I'm trying to build some credit, I decided to go ahead and cash the check even though I didn't need the money. I've had no harassing phone calls, no problems with my payments being accepted, or any other problems that people have been talking about. I pay early every month and they credit it as soon as it's made. I guess paying your bills in a... Read more

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This company is crooked. They try to trap you in debt. I've done three loans with them and will put a bullet in my brain before i do another. They charge so many hidden fees to keep you in debt Add comment

This place is nothing but a joke. None of the people in this place are on the same page. You get one person telling you one thing and then another telling you something so different. I will never take a loan out with this company ever again. They will tell you that your payment that you make online hasn't posted or that you never had a payment set up online then they will get you to set up a payment over the phone. Then your online payment will... Read more

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I have used heights finance, up until now, with no problems. I took a loan out with them a couple years ago got approved no problem. Always paid more than the minimum balance and completely paid it off. I took out another loan last year for Christmas and again no missed payments, always pay more than the minimum. In fact my last loan was $1500. I have it paid down to about $450, not only that but I have paid so much more than the minimum that... Read more

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Ripoff joint. Stay away they lie and cheat u on finanaces. You ask them to correct it. They say they will than dont. Add comment

I got a $1000 loan right after my bankruptcy at around 40% interest. While high it was worth it and I paid it off after 8 months, only paying around $150 in interest. It helped me get several credit cards and also an auto loan at a low interest rate. Great product for those in need! My payments were only $64 a month and the staff was very helpful. The only thing I can really say negatively is that before I paid the loan off I tried to get a new... Read more

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Issue with a financial person in your Rice Lake store. I am a new customer . I am extremely grateful for the loan of 600.00 dollars. The experience with the lady in your Rice Lake store was extremely dredge full. I called her back on her request to receive 300 dollars more. I received a lecture about my credit history. The most appalling statement is when she said you have a new credit reporting of 189 and 89 bill which is now reporting but... Read more

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